It is through helping others that that we ourselves heal…at least that is what I learned the day I met a dear friend who had recently lost her child from an accidental overdose after years of having worked hard to overcome his addiction.  I on the other hand have a son whose life was spiraling out of control more each day to the same addiction.  We were introduced through a mutual friend and an immediate friendship took hold. I was beginning to organize a 5K Run Walk and she was planning to organize the same in her child's memory.


...and as often happens our individual visions for giving back collided in so many good ways.  We found ourselves off and running... about to embark on what we believed would be a good way to reach out to a community lost to the corrosive effects of addiction...  Our young people not only need our help, they deserve our help and support navigating the often long road to recovery. The recovery process is not complete without awareness, education and affordable and available recovery programs. The Right Your Life Organization believes we can best help our adolescents during the formative school years. 

The Right Your Life, Corp, a non profit organization 501c3 whose mission it is to offset the costly expense of addiction recovery. We are committed to helping at risk youth and young adults suffering from addictions corrosive effects in a variety of ways. Community involvement and awareness programs, recovery workshops, physical and emotional healthy events are only a few of the ways in which they accomplish their mission. Addiction masks the dreams and passion of the addict  that often lies just beneath the surface of each individual. Young people often require support for long periods of time before beginning to understand all that is required to change the direction of their lives. Helping young people identify and focus on their strengths in order to create goals and build their self esteem can ultimately provide a "life plan" for greater potential for a wonderful life in recovery.

Right Your Life, A Project Workshop and Community Recovery Center opened in late 2016 and is one way in which the Right Your Life organization will work toward their belief that EARLY ON is the most critical time to reach young people. Early Accessibility Re-engages Local Youth ON The Journey To Recovery.  The Wood U? Project is a project workshop and safe haven for youth to explore some artful interests, work hard on a lacking educational component, become part of an accepted community of people and learn how to create a "Life Plan" for a bright future. 

KEYS Academy Recovery High School, Knowledge Empowers Youth & Sobriety launched on November 1, 2017 and is currently accepting applications for admission for January 2018.  Another program that we strongly believe can best help our adolescents during the formative school years.  

Middle School Mentors... Opens November 5, 2019